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Smooth, Conversational, Resonant, Friendly, Confident, Dynamic & Clear Voice Overs with Personality!

Hey there, my name's Cliff, the guy behind, and I'm a pro male American Voice Over Artist with over 1,500+ happy clients and 30 Million+ plays of my work on TV, Radio, YT and social media.

If you want the best for your project,

then I'm your guy!

As a full time voice over artist, actor and singer with 10+ years of experience, I've voiced for big brands like BMW, Pepsi, Huawei, Honeywell, Canva and Samsung all the way down to small mom 'n pops...and your company can be next!  I work with the top, industry-level equipment and know how to give a project the edge. 


My tone has been described as confident, friendly, warm, dynamic, deep, fun, conversational, and upbeat. I have the versatility of having a bass/baritone voice with a 4 octave range, so I can handle anything from deep and bassy movie trailers, to upbeat and fun explainer videos.

My projects are professionally recorded and edited in an acoustically treated pro home studio.  I offer quick turnarounds between 1-3 days, demos/auditions, and full sound production as well. 

Drop me a line and lets chat!

Reach out to me here:

Australia: +61 43 418 4140 (call, sms/text, whatsapp)

U.S. +1 (989) 256-1985  (call, sms/text)

Samples of some finished work

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